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Visa - without this you cannot study abroad

To study abroad you need a student visa. Many a times, students miss out in going abroad due to visa refusals or loose a semester due to delays. Mr Kapil Chandok will provide correct guidance & assistance in obtaining your student visa to study abroad. If you have a letter of admission from an overseas college we will help you to do your student visa. We do student visa for study in USA, study in Canada, study in Australia, study in UK, study in Singapore, study in New Zealand, study in Ireland & study in Switzerland. Some student visas have built in work permits/part time work permits in them.

Student Visa

The student visa process consists of the following steps


We need to put in an application for a student visa which will allow you to enter your destination country. Global Hospitality Education Abroad will provide you with correct student visa application forms, appropriate to your course.
student visa
Document for student visa


Each country has a different set of requirement which we will provide in the form of checklists. Common documents for all countries are:
  • Valid passport
  • Letter of admission
  • Letter of enrolment – I-20, eCoE etc
  • Financial Documents
  • English proficiency IELTS/TOEFL
  • Educational documents
We will advise you regarding documents specific to your course & country.
Once your application form is filled in properly and your documents attached, the visa file has to be made in the correct format as per the country. It is then submitted to the correct authority along with the appropriate visa application fee. Some countries require online submission & pre payment of visa fees before they give you an interview date. Some countries will call you for an interview, some will interview you on the phone and some will grant the visa without an interview. Visa time frame varies from country to country but we would recommend submission of visa application at least 2 months before your course start date. Of course Mr Kapil Chandok can take on cases and push for early decisions. Student visa labels are affixed on your passport (some countries have a label free student visa) and you are ready to fly.

Besides student visas we assist with the following visa as well.
Spouse dependent visa
If you are married or get married during or after your course, you will need your spouse to join you. We will help you obtain a spouse visa. Some countries grant spouses full work rights while their spouse studies. Check with us for complete guidance.
spouse visa process
Parent visa process
Parent visit visa
Many parents would like to visit their children while they are studying abroad. We will help you take out the hassle of a tourist/visit visa and do it for your parents.
Converting your student visa to work visa
Mr Kapil Chandok is a great advocate of post study work experience abroad. Post study work allows you to put into practice the skills that you have learnt in that country. It also looks good on your CV and makes you a truly global hospitality professional with international experience. We will guide you as to how you can apply for work permits/ H1-B visas etc on successful completion of your Hospitality course abroad.
work permit visa
Permanent Residence Visa
Permanent Residence visa