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Culinary Arts: Cuisine or Patisserie? What Suits you the best?

Why study culinary arts abroad?

Everyone eats—but not everyone cooks—which make culinary study abroad an excellent (and delicious!) way to learn a new skill while preparing one to take any number of positions in the food world. Culinary arts study abroad will not only help us to gain valuable experience in relevant, beautiful, and exciting places, it will also allow us the opportunity to contribute to important food-based movements ranging from urban farming, to the development of sustainable supply chains, to plant-based cooking alternatives, to dairy and meat.

Culinary Art

When we choose a study  culinary program in abroad, we are taking the first step toward finding meaningful work in a traditional, craft-based field that will always be in demand—but we are also contributing to an industry that has grown (and is still growing!) to include new technologies. You can learn classic techniques while also responding to the growing consumer demands of an international foodie culture.In Australia, we will find fusion fare made up of Asian, Spanish and Italian influences- this makes a perfect setting for studying culinary art. Australian universities offer culinary courses at both graduate and post graduate levels. Every year hundreds of Indian students choose to pursue diploma, degree, certificate, and pathway courses from Australian universities and institutes. Apart from getting a multicultural exposure, Indian students also gain hands-on training at some of the world.

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As a matter of fact, though Indian cuisine is certainly as rich as any other but as someone who wishes to work in culinary arts with an international outlook, the experience of working under acclaimed chefs in Australia that has never ceased to amaze the culinary world will be extremely beneficial. Studying abroad fosters a sense of community-living and gives a chance to meet students from other countries and understand their culture and lifestyle. This is when bonds of friendship are formed, which last a lifetime.

Careers in the culinary arts available to Indian students

There are a number of careers that sit under the culinary arts umbrella, all in diverse workplaces.

Professionals in this arena can be employed in restaurants, cafes, hotels, cruise ships, large offices, big events, on yachts or in private homes. They may work under the tutelage of an expert chef or once they have enough experience, branch out on their own with a catering business or restaurant. They may even prefer to pursue the business side of the culinary arts, food science or quality assurance.

The following is a list of some culinary arts careers as well as a few example training program

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chef courses
Culinary Arts Careers:
  • Chef (including varying levels of qualification of skill)
  • Executive Chef
  • Caterer
  • Food Service Manager
  • Food scientist
  • Quality Assurance Specialist/Food quality assurance manager
  • Food Service Manager/Restaurant Manager
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Culinary Arts colleges that we represent
  1. Le Cordon Bleu
  2. Victoria University
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  4. The Hotel School Sydney
  5. Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School 
  6. Tafe Queensland
  7. William Angliss Institute
  8. Tafe NSW
  9. CharlesDarwin University
  10. Tafe Western Australia
  11. HolmesglenTafe
Hotel management and culinary arts colleges